Welcome to our 6th annual on property sale. 



With a general optimism in agriculture, and in particular the beef industry, there has never been a better time to be a part of the industry. We are seeing unprecedented market forces, that has seen prices be sustained at levels not seen before. We were very proud to see weaners by Tookey Creek and Jarrah Park bulls selling earlier this year for prices in excess of $1400 per head.



We are proud of the lineup of bulls that are on offer in this years sale. In recent years we have placed an emphasis on diversifying our bloodlines with a focus on purchasing sires with beautiful carcase attributes while maintaining their softness, breed character and fertility. This investment is paying dividends as we are seeing the progeny of these bulls with high growth rates, impressive volume and great constitution. This year is the first release of sons by Benelkay Futurama (P), Greenup Gaffer (P) and Jarrah Park Grazier (P). 



Our new sale date sees our bulls being offered in July. After our own experiences and talking to our bull clients, we see the importance of getting your bulls home and settled into their new environment. Be it for an early joining, or to get the bull home for a few months before he sees the cows, we believe that the earlier date allows buyers to be confident that their bull will be settled and ready to work.



We wish to extend a warm welcome and we look forward to seeing you at the 6th annual Tookey Creek and Jarrah Park bull sale. We’d love to show you our cattle and welcome inspections anytime prior to the sale.

2016 Sale Bulls


Tookey Creek Kaolin (PS) has been a standout calf right from the beginning. He displays all the attributes we strive for; a very long bull with tremendous thickness and depth of body with a terrific sires presence and outlook.

We believe our Santa Gertudis Bulls are an elite product that are proven to deliver. We have seen the progeny of our past sale bulls in both straight and cross-bred operations and we are very happy to buy back their calves to feed in our feedlot and will gladly pay a premium to do so. This guarantee offers the purchasers of our bulls a market for their progeny at a premium above current market values should they choose to do so.