Tookey Creek and Jarrah Park genetics wins Gold Medal in the RAS Beef Challenge Taste Test

Long time purchaser of Tookey Creek and Jarrah Park Bulls, Tony Bennet, recently won the highly regarded Gold Medal in the Taste Test section of the Beef Challenge. In winning this section, Tony was also awarded the RAS Perpetual Consumer Trophy (NSW Meat Authority) for his champion expert taste test carcase. This trophy is donated by Mr John Carter. The taste test was conducted in Sydney in conjunction with the Fine Foods Judging.

Pictured RAS Councillors Greg Watson and Alastair Rayner with Tony Bennet, Campbell Partnership, and Jon Welsh Narrabri.

Article by From The Land

by Kirsten Frost

Tony Bennet, Campbell Partnership, Bellata, came first in the export taste test category and was awarded a gold medal for his efforts.

The only gold to be awarded in the export taste test results, Mr Bennet who has been selling to the the MacCue’s feedlot for the last 20 yeas, said by entering the competition the feedback he receives is invaluable.

“It’s important to see where we fit in with other producers within the market, and try and build a herd around the different specifications for the Meat Standards Australia criteria,” Mr Bennet said.

“Not only is it a good place to have our cattle finished off, at the end of the day we try to produce the right article to suit the consumer.”

At Camphill Mr Bennet runs predominately Santa/Hereford cross cows, crossed back to a Santa or Hereford cross bull.

At various stages a terminal sire, such as Angus, is introduced. Bullls are sourced locally at either Truro Herefords or Tookey Creek Santas.

“They certainly do the job in regards to what we expect from our cattle,” Mr Bennet said.

The steers entered in the RAS competition were straight bred Santa Gertrudis.

Mr Bennet entered his cattle into both the export and domestic teams section with them both pens averaging about 470 kilograms.

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