Santa Gertrudis World Congress in South Africa

On the 29th of April Ian and Louise, along with a group of delegates from Australia, travelled to South Africa for the 2017 Santa Gertrudis World Congress. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Santa Gertrudis cattle on display. They were very impressed with the class of cattle called Super Cow for Cows over 8 years old. The winning cow was 18 years old and still calving! A testament to the fertility of Santa Gertrudis world wide.

Following the Congress they enjoyed 2 weeks of travelling and visiting a game parks in both South Africa and Kenya. The also visited 3 Santa Gertrudis studs owned by Willie De Jager, Joseph DuPleissis, and Santariffic. The hospitality of each of these hosts was something very special. Thank you to each of them for hosting farm tours, and if you are ever in Australia we would love to return the favour.

Ankle-Watusi, the National Breed of Kenyan Cattle

Ian with the Last Male Northern White Rhino in the World 44 years old

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